Digital Assistants for pharmaceutical companies that simplify and automate your tender management as well as the pricing- and competitor monitoring.

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Increasing challenges

The pressure on pharmaceutical companies is becoming increasingly challenging. Regulators are looking for new ways of reducing costs in the healthcare sector. In doing so, they are using proven cost-cutting measures such as discount agreements and reference prices. However, tapping into new fields such as the substitution of biological medicinal products, are always explored.

In this environment, it is essential for pharmaceutical companies to adapt to these growing challenges and to be well informed about current developments. Efficient processes and the automation of recurring, previously manual tasks are a must. Niuli offers various solutions that address the individual needs of each and every department.

Julia, Team Lead Tender Management

Every tender comes with a large number of unstructured tasks. This often leads to different team members working on the same project step. I really want to avoid such redundancies, but without introducing complex tools or time-consuming processes.

Timo, Pricing Manager

We have a large product portfolio. I don't have the time to go through every competitor price change. A software needs to point me to relevant changes, so that I can focus on necessary counter measures.

Thomas, Market Access Manager

I have to spend a lot of my time doing the same manual tasks for each tender. I would like to avoid redundant steps and rather focus on the more challenging and important strategic projects as well as market access decisions.

Christina, General Manager

It is really important to me that sales potentials are evaluated in detail and leveraged to a maximum. Efficient processes provide us with focus. In the end, this will strengthen our business results and also employee satisfaction.

Lynn, Business development Manager

We are always looking for new product candidates. To decide whether a market launch is worthwhile, I need to know how prices are developing and how potential competitors are positioned.

Martin, Business Analyst

Monitoring competitors and market prices on a monthly basis is very important to us to optimize the conditions for our pharmacy sales. To do so, we need to idendentify all substitutable products for our portfolio. This takes a lot of time. Automation would be very helpful.

Tailored support

Different products require different commercialization strategies and therefore different questions have to be answered in order to execute the strategy. niuli helps you to have the right information for every question at hand with just a few clicks.

New products

Extensive product information on comparable products helps you to evaluate the market situation for potential new product candidates.

How is the historic price development in a specific market?
What is the tender situation for my new product?

Join tenders and contracts

Open tenders for your portfolio are screened and all necessary information and documents are provided. This allows you to quickly evaluate whether a participation makes sense.

Are there open tenders where I can participate?
How am I positioned with my products in the competitive pricing environment?
Do I need to put special attention to certain contract details?

Rebate calculations

niuli helps to automate your rebate calculations. No matter which price anchor is applied, you have the fitting number at hand in seconds.

What are the current price anchors?
What special characteristics need to be considered for the different formulas?
What are the current discount values of my running contracts?

Our products

niuli products provide specific answers to your questions – faster than any other tool. We save you time by generating relevant and tailored market insights, automating processes and encouraging teamwork.


From tender publication to offer submission.

  • Features
  • Automated monitoring for your substances
  • Standardized view on relevant tenders
  • Competitor-, pricing- & market analyses
  • Project management & e-mail notifications
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Processor Insights

One step ahead with analyses based on substitutable products.

  • Features
  • Automatic detection of relevant changes for every price update
  • Rankings for every competitor product
  • Automatically calculated price anchors
  • Fastest updates in the market
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Processor Development

Analyze products, that are not yet part of your portfolio.

  • Features
  • Current and historic price data available with just one click
  • Price and competitor behavior analyses
  • Extensive product details for your daily processes
  • Fastest updates in the market
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World's first one click solution to calculate rebates.

  • Features
  • Historic & currrent rebate calculation
  • Invoice checking & accural planning
  • Financial impact of new tenders
  • Overview of all contracted products and runtimes
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Be the first to know about new tenders.

  • Features
  • Relevant daily publications by mail
  • Reminders for upcoming deadlines
  • Important facts and links included in every notification
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