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Increasing challenges

Rebate contract per quarter in Germany

Pharmaceutical tenders are an established and sucessfull tool for German health insurers to lower medication costs.
Pharmaceutical companies can strengthen their market position by participating in rebate contracts. However, participation in those contracts comes with high manual and time efforts, affecting many departments of a pharmaceutical companies.

Julia, Team Lead Tender Management

Every tender comes with a large number of unstructured tasks. This often leads to different team members working on the same project step. I really want to avoid such redundancies, but without introducing complex tools or time-consuming processes.

Thomas, Market Access Manager

I have to spend a lot of my time doing the same manual tasks for each tender. I would like to avoid redundant steps and rather focus on the more challenging and important strategic projects as well as market access decisions.

Christina, General Manager

It is really important to me that sales potentials are evaluated in detail and leveraged to a maximum. Efficient processes provide us with focus. In the end, this will strengthen our business results and also employee satisfaction.

Stefanie, Finance

I am only partially involved in tender processes. Unfortunately, every time I need specific data, I have to ask my colleagues in Market Access to send it over via mail. We both would save a lot of time if I could just access the relevant information directly.

Martin, Director Market Access

We are planning a number of new product launches are in the near future and will also need to hire new employees. It is important to me that the process and tools onboarding is done quickly, so that the new colleagues can focus on our portfolio, our indications and the products.

Tailored support

We focus on the specifics of rebate contracts, so that you can focus on the tough decisions.

Process automatisation

to make more time availble for the challenging tasks

Tailored market insights

as a foundation for informed decisions

Transparent documentation

to build up resilience in changing environments

Consistent information

to enable efficient collaboration and team work

Our products

niuli's products are fully digital online tools and tailored to simplify your internal workflows. Use them as a team to increase collaboration and create synergies.


  • Features
  • Automated tender monitoring
  • Market analysis based on sick fund data
  • Competitor analysis
  • Tender details
  • Automated PPT-Executive Summaries
  • Timeline incl. awards and predictions
  • Task list with option to comment and linking documents
  • Email notifications
  • Included in the subription
  • 3 ATC Codes
  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Individualized task list
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Addons for Planner

  • Contract inspector
  • Detailed contract analysis
  • Overview needed documents
  • Overview deadlines and milestones
  • Summary in PPT format
  • Visualization of rebate calculation
  • Additional ATC codes
  • Monitoring for additional substances
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