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Learn about relevant price changes, analyze them and react - so that you stay successful in your market.

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Stop the Excel madness

Get the full overview of relevant changes for competitor prices, no matter if for a specific product or for your full product portfolio.

Secure your sales

Price changes that threaten your sales need your full attention. The niuli Processor analyses where the competition outperformed you in terms of pricing and where adjustments might make sense.

Check your rebate contracts for profitability

The niuli Processor automatically informs about contracted products with price anchors changes. This enables you to systematically evaluate the profitability of your rebate contracts.

Better insights with filters

The niuli Processor identifies all substitutable products for your portfolio according to the regulations of the German Social Law (SGB V). To increase usability, additional filter options like import groups, Annex 1 to the framework agreement and the aut idem list help to stay organized.

Well, sometimes you still need Excel…

We support your existing workflows. To ensure compatibility, all portfolio data can be exported as .csv.

Annual subscription. No set-up fee and as many user accounts as you like.

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